Some products such as:

- material blinds installed on the wall

- external blinds

- awnings

- Roman and Austrian blinds

- Vertical blinds


Because of comfort reasons, significant weight or because of uncomfortable place of installation we recommend automatic system of control.


In our offer you can find:

Motors controlled with a usage of a button


Radio motors controlled by a remote control

All drives purchased at our company have the ability to make changes and extend them of new groups and control at any time. Already installed motors can be reprogrammed in order to work in a group or individually.

Each drive can also be done with manual emergency control – in time of the power failure a special winding crank can be used.


Steered with switcher

Steered with switcher

Group of blinds and other window shades control systems operated by a button.

They are cheaper than systems operated by a remote control but in case of old, unprepared electrical installation one need to apply additional wiring.

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Steered with pilot

Steered with pilot

Control of blinds, Venetian blinds, awnings and other windows covers using the remote control is

convenient and does not require any additional wiring. Our offer includes single-channel and

multi-channel remote controls.

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